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New guidelines to tackle corruption approved

Written by Thailand News

The government has endorsed new measures to counter corruption in state offices with order to office heads that if irregularities and corruption have been lodged, they must act in seven days, and finish investigation in 30 days.

The new measures were agreed upon as new guidelines during the meeting between the National Council for Peace and Order and the Government chaired by Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha yesterday and that will apply at all state offices.

Government spokesman Lt-Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd said the meeting agreed that in case of complaints of irregularities and corruption are lodged, heads of state offices must appoint a fact-finding committee within a week to investigate.

The investigation must be finished in 30 days, he said.

If there are grounds of irregularities, accused officials must be removed from current positions to other positions at other offices in the same ministry on a temporary basis if the offences are not serious, he said.

In case of serious offences, but offenders are still not liable for being sacked or dismissed, their heads must transfer them to the Prime Minister’s Office. The offenders are not allowed to be reinstated in the same positions or higher at their original offices in three years, he said.

This was to prevent vengeance by the accused officials on those who have testified as witnesses, he said.

Besides, the spokesman said this would also serve as a reminder for state officials that promotions in state jobs must come from good performance, honesty and transparency, he said.

The spokesman made clear that this new guideline in tackling corruption is not issued under Article 44 of the Constitution, but merely the exercising of power under normal laws.

He also warned that heads of state offices must also act promptly in tackling corruption problem, as well as supervising officials who stay put or under perform.

Underperformed officials must be removed from positions immediately without having to await the annual reshuffle, he said.

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