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A slimming food supplement found to be laced with psychoactive substance

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For the first time in Thailand, the Department of Medical Science has found Desoxy-D2PM, a stimulant psychoactive substance, in a brand of slimming or diet food supplement.

The department head, Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai, said Tuesday that, back in September last year, the medical science centre in Ubon Ratchathani received a parcel of food supplement product sent from Samut Songkram in the form of capsules containing white powder. Wordings printed on the packet read “Cho 12, production date 10.06.16, expiry date 09.06.18.

Laboratorial analysis found chemical structure similar to D2PM and 2DPMP which has appetite suppressing and stimulant effects, but will cause hallucination and violent behavior and high blood pressure if overdose, said Dr Sukhum, said the substance which is also known as green powder or A3A Methano has been placed under controlled drug categories.

He pointed out that the finding of D2PM substance in the food supplement is indicative of the high risk trend that psychoactive substance which is not controlled in Thailand will be used in the production of slimming or weight loss food supplements.

However, he said information from the lab tests will be disseminated to agencies concerned so they will keep close watch on slimming food supplements or medication and to warn the public against the use of such products.


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