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PM orders Commerce Ministry to look into Big C mobile grocery stores

Written by Thailand News

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the Ministry of Commerce to take a close look at Big C mobile grocery stores whether the practice is legal or not.

The prime minister said today (Tuesday) that the government had a policy to support small retail business and protect the mobile grocery stores of small retailers.

He admitted that the government had a lot of things to do every day and might have overlooked the issue regarding the Big C mobile grocery stores.

The recent emergence of yellow-painted pickup trucks serving as mobile grocery stores of Big C Super Store has provoked widespread mix reactions, with many criticized that that the Big C mobile grocery stores would wipe out the mobile stores run by small entrepreneurs. Critics also said that there was no need for a giant corporation to compete with small retailers which is unfair.

Others, however, said that Thailand is a free market economy and Big C is giving another option for the consumers.


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