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Police to charge operator of fatal bus that crashed in Wang Nam Khiao 

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Provincial Police Region 3 investigators said they were collecting evidence to charge operator of the fatal bus that killed 18 persons in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima on March 21.

Investigators said the owner of Gun Eng tour bus company, Sayant Boonsanam, would be charged for not having bus warranty check as specified by law, and for allowing the driver to drive under the influence of drugs.

Police today (March 27) questioned Mr Sayant and some survivors and also re-examined the accident scene to collect more evidence. They said they expected to compile the needed evidence and charged the operator within two weeks.

For the bus driver, Krissana Juthachuen, 44, police said four charges had already been brought against him, including reckless driving causing deaths and injuries to others; speeding beyond permissible limit; using drug while driving; and not offering help to the injured.

Mr Sayant earlier said he regretted the fatal accident and said he didn’t know the driver used drug.

He said Mr Krissana was a part time driver and he hired him to drive on a temporary basis.

Meanwhile, today (March 27) family of each of the 18 dead passengers was given 650,000 baht compensation by Southeast Asia Insurance Company.

The double-deckor bus with 50 passengers on board crashed on Highway 304 in Wang Nam Khiao district on the way from Chanthaburi to Kalasin province, killing 18 people and injuring 32 others.

Most of the passengers were from Kalasin.

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