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Police arrest a multiple car arsonist who appears to be mentally unstable

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Police have arrested a long-haired man suspected of allegedly setting seven cars on fire in Pan Thong district of Chon Buri on Sunday.

The arrest of the suspect, 29-year old Mr Vasit Nanthiwatvicha, followed a manhunt involving several policemen after careful examination of footages from CCTV system at and around areas where the seven cars were set on fire.

The suspect Mr Vasit Nanthiwatvicha

Police managed to nab Vasit together with his motorcycle which he used to ride around to look for cars to be burned and also a jelly can of petrol.

Pol Col Pasakorn Toonsap, superintendent of Pan Thong district police, said police had questioned Vasit and suspected that he might have mental problem because he talked incoherently.

However, he said the suspect would be tested for drug use first before he would be sent for mental examination.

Police said the suspect claimed to be a government spy tasked with arresting operators of Ponzi scheme. He also said he set fire to cars because he disliked their owners for often chiding him.

But those who knew Vasit told police that the suspect used to be well to do, four years ago, when he inherited a land plot from his parents which he sold for about 32 million baht, but he wasted all the money within a short period of time and has, ever since, acted weirdly.


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