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Wildlife department to demand 12 million baht in compensation from Premchai instead of 3 million baht

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The Department of National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has revised up the compensation to be demanded from construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta for damage to the environment and ecological system of Thungyai Naraesuan Wildlife Sanctuary to 12.7 million baht from 3 million baht.

A well-informed source in the department said the initial damage of three million baht was based on the loss of the protected species killed by Premchai and his hunting party and did not take into account of ecological and environmental damages.

The panel considering the civil lawsuit which was led by the deputy director-general of the department met last Friday to discuss the compensation issue and decided to adjust the figure to 12.7 million baht, after having taken into account the environmental and ecological damages.

Meanwhile, Mr Somjate Amnuaysawat, a special prosecutor of Region 7 who heads a panel of prosecutors handing the illegal hunting case, held a meeting of the panel to check the additional case file submitted by the police.

He said that the panel would need to peruse the file first before it could judge whether additional evidence or information would be required from the police inquiry officers handling the case.

Commenting the department’s increased compensation to be demanded from Premchai in the civil lawsuit, Mr Somjate said that, as a matter of principle, the
Compensation figure must reflect the real damage and be reasonable and, in this case, should not cover the entire black panthers existing in the wildlife sanctuary.


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