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Former EC Somchai says new election risks to be invalidated

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Sacked commissioner of the Election Commission Somchai Srisutthiyakorn yesterday warned that the new election could be nullified if the election date remains unclear.

He raised concern of the risk that the election could be invalidated by the Constitutional Court if it was asked to interpret by someone who argue the EC opinion.

Somchai was speaking at a political debate on ” Artcle 44 is meant for the Nation or who”.

The debate was jointly organised by the Thai Journalists Association and the Committee for Relatives of the May 1992 Heroes.

He raised the seventh issue that was relevant to the election which the Constitution has stated that the election must be finished within 150 days after four organic laws were issued and become effective.

He said that since there is no interpretation of the time when the election is finished referring to either the polling date or after the poll result is announced, therefore it could risk to be invalidated if the issue is sent to the Court for interpretation.

Finally it was possible the election could be invalidated, he said.

Dean of the National Institute of Development Administration’s social development and environment faculty Pichai Ratanadilok na Phuket also viewed the use of Article 44 to sack Somchai might destroy the check and balance system of independent organisation.

Anti Corruption Network secretary general Veera Somkwamkid also said it was illegitimate if the law was used to protect the prime minister and his own people.

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