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Korat zoo confirms no bird flu incidence and no cover-up at the zoo

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The zoo in Nakhon Ratchasima has categorically denied a fake report in the social media accusing the zoo of covering up bird flu incidence killing several animals in the zoo.

Complaining that the unfounded report had caused alarm among people in the province, a well-informed official at the zoo, however, admitted that in the middle of last year some animals in the zoo died of bird flu, but the zoo and livestock officials had fumigated the entire zoo which was temporarily close down for big cleanup.

After that incident until now, there is not a single of bird flu at the zoo, said the official, adding that the provincial livestock official had been informed there was no recurring bird flu case in the zoo as alleged.

Spokesman of the Ministry of Agriculture Mr Sorawit Thaneeto said he had been informed by the Nakhon Ratchasima livestock office that there was no bird flu incidence at the zoo.

He called on people in the province not to become panic by the fake report and to have trust in the Agriculture Ministry and Livestock Department which have been keeping a close watch on the disease throughout the country, adding that fumigation has been undertaken periodically despite that there is no bird flu infection.

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