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ITD says Premchai still innocent

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The Italian Thai Development (ITD) on Friday (March 23) informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that it will cooperate with authorities handling the Thung Yai Naresuan investigation case, while reiterating that its president Premchai Karnasuta is still innocent pending court’s final ruling.

In a notification to SET by the company’s secretary Worawut Hirunyapsisalsakul, it said the company’s board of directors has held a meeting to assess impact from the case and agreed that the incident was not originated by the operation of the company, but it was rather a problem created by an individual who is an executive of the company.

The executive was accused of having committed criminal offences and investigation and interrogation were still in process, and pending final court’s ruling.

“In this regard, the law considers he (Premchai) is still innocent,” the notification said.

But it said further that although the incident was not created by the company, it was ready to give full cooperation with authorities who are handling the case.

Moreover, it added the company would monitor the case closely and assess its consequence both short, medium and long-term basis so that it be able to resolve and provide correct information to the public in time.


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