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Military junta warns pro-election group against political rally

Military junta warns pro-election group against political rally
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The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) today (March 24) warned pro-election activists against breaching the law as the group held political activities at Thammasat University’s football field this evening.

NCPO spokesman Maj Gen Piyapong Klinphan said any movement by the group must not infringe on the rights and freedom of others.

They must not violate the orders of the NCPO or other relevant laws, he said in referring to the political gathering at TU to call for election this year in its effort to stop the military junta from ongoing clinging to power.

The demonstrators converged at the TU at about 4pm and then marched to the headquarters of the Royal Thai Army on Ratchadamnoen road to call for the Army to stop serving the junta.


Maj Gen Piyapong said the movement of the group would be kept under close watch by the military.

He said the NCPO would take care of peace and order in the country to support the working of the government.

In neccessary, security authorities would intervene to stop third-hand parties from disturbing peace and order, he said.

He said the prime minister and army chief have made clear that security authorities must handle the situation appropriately, while election will be held in accordance with the democracy roadmap.

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