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Suspect re-enacts the murder of business couple in Sa Kaeo

One of the six suspects allegedly involved in the murder of a couple who owned Sayant market in Sa Kaeo’s Klong Hat district was on Wednesday (March 21) taken by police to the victims’ house for re-enactment of the alleged crime.

The fourth suspect, Mr Wichit Inkaew, alias Loh, was arrested by Cambodian police and handed over to Klong Hat district police on Monday.  The three other suspects were earlier arrested, leaving behind two, including a Cambodian, who are still at large.

Mr Wichit allegedly confessed to the crime, saying that robbery was the motive behind the murder of Pipat Tangpongthong and his Common Law wife, Mrs Sayant Chantha on Jan 30.

Mr Wichit’s crime re-enactment started from the time he and other accomplices scaled the wall of the house of the two victims and hid in the house, grabbed a bottle of liquor from the house for drinking as they waited for the couple to show up.

Pipat returned to the house first and was surprised by the four who locked him up and stabbed him to death before dragging his body to the back of the house.  When Mrs Sayant showed up shortly afterward, she was also grabbed and stabbed to death.

The suspects then went for the couple’s car to look for some documents, but they could not open the car’s door. Eventually, they all escaped.

Pol Gen Chalermkiart Srivorakhan, the deputy national police chief, said he could not disclose whether the suspects had implicated any other people suspected to be the mastermind of the murder.

He said the police still believed motivation of the murder involves personal conflict, business conflict, or personal conflict.

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