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Pet cafe warned to have the animals vaccinated against rabies

Operators of “pet cafe” which provide dogs or cats to allow their customers to play with them while they are dining in the premises are warned to have their pet animals vaccinated against rabies for their customers’ safety.

Health Department deputy director general Dr Danai Thiwanta said Wednesday (March 21) that rabies problem is becoming a matter of serious concern, hence it is necessary that pet cafe operators must be informed of how to protect their pets from getting infected and, at the same time, protecting people from being infected by animals infected by the disease through bites or scratches.

He suggested operators of these pet cafe to keep their animals clean to reduce the chance of people from contracting the disease and to warn their customers to wash their hands every time they touch the animals.

According to health laws and food hygiene, animals should not be allowed in food shops and restaurants, but if animals are to be allowed in, there must be a separate section to keep the animals.

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