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Premchai’s wife granted bail by the Criminal Court

The Criminal Court on Tuesday granted bail to Italian-Thai Development Plc boss Premchai Karnasuta’s wife, Mrs Kanitta, and her close aide, Ms Wandee Somphum, after the court agreed with the police request to extend their detention for another 12 days.

Pol Cpt Thirapat Thammeechupong, an inquiry officer of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division handing the case in which Mrs Kanitta and Ms Wandee were charged with illegal possession of 4 African tusks, sought the court’s order to detain the two accused for another 12 days, citing the need to question four more witnesses and need for more information related to the case which are yet to arrive.


The court agreed to the police request and, at the same time agreed to grant bail to the two accused which was set at 300,000 baht each. They were required to report to the court on May 7.

Mrs Kanitta and her close aide immediately left the court house after the court’s session.

Her lawyer, Mr Kitja Ali-Ishoh, said that Mrs Kanitta denied the charges, claiming she inherited them from an aunt without any knowledge of their origin – whether they were Asiatic or African tusks.

He added that she only knew recently that they were African tusks following DNA tests.


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