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Hundreds show up to receive free cash handouts which never came

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Hundreds of people showed up at Wat That Phanom in That Phanom district of Nakhon Phanom on Tuesday after it was widely rumoured that a resident of the district who reported to have won 60-million baht from ten first-prize lottery tickets for March 16 draw would hand out three million baht worth of his fortune to whoever at the temple.

The prize winner, Mr Thammawat Phraethong, is said to be a native of That Phanom district.

Monks at the temple were caught in surprise with the turnout of hundreds of people – many of them sat patiently waiting on the front yard in front of the temple for the arrival of the “philanthropic” donor.

Police who arrived at the scene and monks at the temple admitted that they were totally unaware that Mr Thammawat would come to the temple to give away 1,000 baht each to the people there as rumoured.

Obviously, they were duped by false news posted in the social media.

They finally dispersed after there was no show of the donor.


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