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Villagers rally against a couple for allegedly torturing two boys accused of theft

Villagers rally against a couple for allegedly torturing two boys accused of theft
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About 60 residents of a village in Chon Buri’s Phanat Nikhom district rallied at a temple in their community to protest against a couple who allegedly beat up two Hmong boys and tied them up to a big tree on temple’s ground to set an example to other children in the village that they should not steal from the others.

The protest followed a social media post in Facebook page of Mam Pho Dum showing two boys being tied to a tree with a caption explain that the boys were punished for stealing 200 baht from a couple.

The author of the post said he intervened telling the couple to stop beating the two boys and they obeyed him.

The protesters did not see the couple, Mr Panthat Chawanthana and his wife, Mrs Nee, but instead found their son who is a monk at the temple and vented their fury him. They also demanded that the couple be chased out of their community.

Police, military personnel and officials from the provincial social development and human security were dispatched to Wat Thung Hiang in Tambon Mon Nang to maintain peace and order.

The temple abbot was later invited for talk with representatives of the protesters.
Acting on behalf of the two victims, an official from the social development and human security lodged a complaint with Phanat Nikhom district police, accusing the couple of illegal detention and assault.

The two boys whose names were withheld were later taken to Ban Banglamung home for rehabilitation.



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