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Dogs and cats are not allowed in Ayutthaya historical park

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The Ayutthaya municipal has sought cooperation from tourists visiting the Ayutthaya historical park to not bring their pet cats or dogs into the park as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of rabies.

Mr Preecha Kanthapraisri, the vice mayor, said over the weekend that municipal officials had been on daily patrol in the park and outside to look for cats and pets, especially the stray, to prevent them from biting visitors.

Since the airing of the popular drama series, Buppae Sannevas (Love Destiny), on TV Channel 3, the number of tourists visiting the Ayutthaya historical park has surged to an average of 7,000 each day.

But because of the rabies problem in several provinces, Mr Preecha said he found it necessary to keep cats and dogs out of the park as a precaution to prevent tourists from being bitten or scratched by the pet animals.


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