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Three Myanmar workers killed and eight others injured in road accident

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Three Myanmar migrant workers were killed and eight others were injured when a van in which they were travelling on their way to Chiang Rai from Bangkok smashed into an 18-wheel trailer truck in Phrom Buri district of Sing Buri on Saturday (March 17).

The van driver, Mr Buranakorn Tornrub, who narrowly escaped death from the fatal accident told Sing Buri police that he was taking 12 Myanmar migrant workers to Chiang Rai on their way back to their home country via border crossing in Mae Sai district.

Following the trailer until arriving at the scene of the accident, Mr Buranakorn claimed that the driver of the trailer truck suddenly made a turn to the right prompting him to swerve to avoid hitting the truck, but his attempt failed and his van smashed into the right side of the truck.

The strong impact sent the sliding door the van flying onto the road and several workers who were sleeping at the time were flung out of the vehicle onto the road.

The van stopped and quickly caught fire trapping three workers inside who were burned alive.  But Buranakorn managed to run out of the van before it caught fire.

All the eight injured workers were later helped by the two drivers and passers-by and rushed to Sing Buri and Phrom Buri hospitals for emergency treatment.

The truck driver, Mr Suranart Chansong, however told the police that the van which appeared to be driving a high speed smashed into the right side of his truck.  He claimed that he stopped the truck after the accident and helped bring the injured out of the road.

Police detained the two drivers for further interrogation.

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