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Elephant hit by a pickup truck as it tries to cross a road in Buri Ram

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A wild elephant was hit by a pickup truck as it tried to cross a road in  Non Din Daeng district of Buri Ram on Saturday (March 17).

The truck driver told the police that he was driving on Samrong Mai- Non Dindaeng road on his way home after shopping in the fresh market, then, out of a sudden, an elephant emerged from the roadside bushes and tried to cross the road.

The driver admitted that he could not apply the brake in time and his truck hit the elephant which subsequently disappeared into the bushes.  He said he didn’t know how bad the elephant was hit, but his truck front wind shield was broken and the car bonnet was damaged.

Officials of Ta Phraya national park later rushed to the scene to try to track down the elephant to find out its condition after the road accident.

However, they found its footprints heading toward the forest behind Lam Nang Rong dam.

A park official said that the elephant might not suffer serious injury because they didn’t find footprints which would suggest that it was limping.

However, he said officials would try to look for the elephant to make sure that it is safe.

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