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Senate selection bill will go to the Constitutional Court for interpretation

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The National Legislative Assembly is expected to submit to the Constitutional Court on Monday (March 19) for interpretation of a provision in the Senate selection bill regarding the selection process of senators.

A group of 30 assemblymen signed up a motion initiated by Mr Kitti Wasinont, an assemblyman, demanding an interpretation of the provision by the Constitutional Court.

NLA president Pornpetch Wichitcholchai assured that the election roadmap with the election expected to be held in February next year would not be affected as the Constitutional Court would be able to come up with an answer to the question about the selection process of senators within one month after the acceptance of the motion from the NLA.

Mr Pornpetch pointed out that the one-month period that the charter court was expected to clear up the doubt about the senators’ selection process would be well within the 90-day waiting period for the House of Representatives Election Act to come into effect.

He stressed that the legal issue in question was significant and needed to be cleared up now before someone raise it up after the Senate selection bill becomes effective, which will be more messy if the bill is ruled invalid by the charter court.

The NLA president said that all the assemblymen agreed that MP election bill was constitutional despite doubt raised by the Constitution Drafting Committee regarding two issues – one about the eligible voters who do not vote will be deprived of the right to be appointed political appointees and about allowing disabled voters to be assisted while casting the ballots.

He warned that the election roadmap would definitely be affected with the election to be further postponed if the two issues of the MP election bill are to be clarified by the Constitutional Court.

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