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DPM Prawit denies the existence of CIA’s secret prison in Thailand

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon who is in charge of security affairs categorically denied there was a CIA’s secret detention centre in Thailand as alleged by Amnesty International.

Amnesty International said in its statement that veteran CIA undercover agent Gina Haspel who was picked by President Donald Trump to be the new CIA director used to in charge of a CIA’s secret prison in Thailand.

“There is no secret prison in Thailand. Our government has done everything openly. There are so many government agencies. How could a secret prison be set up in Thailand?” asked the deputy prime minister on Wednesday (March 14).

Amnesty International charged that Gina Haspel was suspected of ordering the destruction of evidence of torture which might be described as a crime against humanity under the international law.

It also urged the Senate to intensively screen her qualifications before approving her appointment as the new CIA chief.

Human Rights Watch advisor in Thailand Sunai Phasuk said as a non-Nato ally of the United States, there might be a quid pro quo between CIA and Thai government regarding the secret prison in Thailand.

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