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Alert for rabies in Tak after a 7-year old Myanmar boy dies of suspected rabies

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Health and livestock officials in Tak province have stepped up their watch for rabies after a 7-year old Myanmar boy suspected to be infected with the disease from a dog bite in Myanmar died at Phop Phra district hospital one day after he was admitted for medical treatment.

Doctor at the hospital took tissue samples from his brain and spinal cord and had them sent to the Office of Epidemiology for laboratorial tests.

About 10 medical personnel who were in close contact with the boy were given vaccine shots against rabies.

Tak livestock official Mr Permsak Ngok-ngam said local administrators in four border districts close to Myanmar, except Mae Ramat, had urged owners of pet dogs and cats to have their animals vaccinated.

Meanwhile, it was reported a 61-year old man in Prachuab Khiri Khan who was suspected to suffer from rabies after being bitten by a pet cat died on Wednesday (March 14).  Tissue samples from his brain and spinal cord were removed and sent for lab tests.

Prachuab Khiri Khan health officials have urged owners of cats and dogs to have their animals vaccinated and if they are bitten by dogs or cats which do not belong to them to quickly see doctors if they develop unusual symptoms.

In Bangkok, Governor Aswin Kwanmuang assured that city officials were able to control the situation.  He said that only six dogs were tested positive with rabies.

For the stray dogs and cats, he said officials would trap them for vaccination and vasectomy and to put them in a shelter.

The City Hall has prepared 550,000 doses of anti-rabies vaccine for mass vaccination and owners of dogs and cats are welcome to have their animals vaccinated free of charge, said the governor, adding that, so far, about 80,000 animals had been vaccinated.

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