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Lawmakers are proposing law to stop pet abandonment, prevent disease spreading

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Lawmakers are now proposing an amendment to the Animal Cruelty Prevention and Welfares of Animals Act that will require pet owners to register their dogs and cats, and implanted with microchips as part of the effort to preven pet abandonment, and spread of deadly disease.

Failure to abide by the law, pet owners will be penalised.

The amendment was in line with the current spread of rabies with dogs and cats becoming potential disease carriers. Over 30 provinces were reported to have rabies infection cases now.

Under the amendment, pet owners in Bangkok will be required to register their pets with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration while those living in the provinces will register at local administrative offices.

Besides, all pets must undergo a microchip implantation, so they can be traceable, and their owners can be identified in case they abandon their pets.

The amendment is now carried out by the National Legislative Assembly’s committee on animal protection.

The committee expects to finish the draft amendment and forwards to the NLA on March 21. The law making process is expected to be ready end of June.

The current rising rabies infections in the country have forced many agencies to take immediate actions and launch a vaccination campaign.

Pet owners are encouraged to have their animals vaccinated to prevent them from being infected with the virus.

As for stray dogs and cats, local officials will transfer them to sanctuaries if they are found and taking care of them for 15 days pending delivery to their owners.

Strict measures will also be implemented against people who let their pets wander freely in streets and communities.

Committee chairman Wallop Tangkananurak explained that under the amendment, registration would address pet abandonment.

All pets will have identifiable owners. If there is any disease spread, owners are duty bound to have their pets vaccinated.

Moreover pet owners will not be allowed to leave their pets unattended anymore.

In case that their pets bite people, the owners must fully take responsibility.

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