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Prayut brushes aside activists’ call to step down

Prime Minister Gen Prsyut Chan-o-cha brushed aside a call by the pro-election activists for his resignation if he chooses to enter politics.

He told those activists to look back to the past when politicians were in government and prepared for new election.

“Did any of them resign from their government positions to campaign for elections,” he said.

He recalled that in the past, a party leader who was then prime minister declared to run in election and launch election campaign while still in the position of prime minister.

“Today, I haven’t done anything or hold any election campaign, but still is working hard to make changes to the country,”he said.

He asked these activists not to mislead the public or distort facts as it was different matter and would only create hatred on the military junta and himself.

It was impossible to dissolve the NCPO, he said and asked them to study the Constitution.

The prime minister said Article 265 of the Constitution has stated clearly the National Council for Peace and Order will have to perform its duty until a new elected government will assume office.

Earlier the pro-election group has threatened to step up its demonstrations if the ruling junta fails to respond to its demands for the next election to be held this year.

The group also demanded that the NCPO be dissolved and their orders be nullified, with the coup-makers remaining as a caretaker government until the election is completed.

The group leader, Rangsiman Rome, said as the coup’s fourth-year anniversary is coming up in May, this should be the last year of the coup-installed regime.

They said the election must be held by the end of November.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen Prawit Wingsuwan also said dissolution of the NCPO could not be done as it would be against the Constitution.

He reiterated that he had never had an idea to enter politics when asked if any political party has approached him.

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