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ITD boss Premchai turns himself in to police today

Written by Thailand News

Italian Thai Development president and CEO Premchai Karnasuta turned himself in to the police at the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division on Wednesday morning for acknowledgement of three charges.

Premchai was escorted by his lawyer as he arrived this morning to acknowledge the charge filed by the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Division police for possession of wildlife carcasses without permits.

He was summoned to acknowledge the charges today but his wife, Mrs Kanika Karnasuta, did not show up. Mrs Kanika was charged for having in possession African ivory tusks, while the official, Mrs Wandee Somphum, who registered her tusks as Thai pet elephant tusks was also charged for different charge.

Police from the Counter Corruption Division are also at the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division this morning to press attempted bribery charge against him.

Premchai faced the attempted bribery charge when he offered to give the arresting wildlife sanctuary officials anything in exchange for dropping the poaching charge.

He also is facing charge for having unlicensed gun in possession, in addition to nine charges which have already been pressed against him by the police in Thong Phaphum district of Kanchanaburi province.

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