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Air Asia flight from Macau makes an emergency landing at Udon Thani airport

An Air Asia flight from Macau bound for Don Mueang airport made an emergency landing at Udon Thani airport before noon today (March 13) after an automatic warning of abnormal functioning of the engine was switched on.

There were 141 passengers and 11 crew members on board the Air Asia’s flight FD761 when it left Macau at 11.50 am and was scheduled to arrive at Don Meuang airport at 12.40 pm.

An official of the airline later said that it was a standard practice for maximum safety in case of an emergency for the captain of the flight to make an emergency landing after there was such a warning.

The plane landed safely and all the passengers were ushered out of the plane and taken to the emergency centre of the departure terminal while the airline tried to find a new plane to take the passengers to Bangkok.

Food and drinks were provided to the passengers as they were waiting for a new plane.

Meanwhile, a team of technicians checked the “abnormal” engine, but did not find anything wrong, said the official, adding that more examinations were needed to ensure the plane was safe.

Airline official said all the passengers were taken to a new plane which arrived at Don Mueang airport safely but about three hours after original schedule.

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