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Police hunt for cabbie attackers over a horn blaring incident

Police in Samut Prakan’s Samrong district have launched a manhunt against two motorcyclists and a pillion rider after they allegedly threw a stone at a taxi and then attacked the taxi-driver reportedly over a horn blaring incident.

The clip and message about the incident which involved a green-yellow taxi and took place in Soi Dan Samrong 50/1, Tambon Dan Samrong before dawn today were posted in the social media by a Facebook user, Aummara Imjai.

The cabbie, 63-year old Preeda Saensuk, lodged a complaint with Samrong Nua police after the incident. He told the police that he was driving home in Tambon Dan Samrong when he came across three men, riding on two motorcycles in front of him.

He said that he pressed the car’s horn to ask for right of way and, after a while, he found the two motorcycles followed him into Soi Dan Samrong 50/1, with one of them kicked his car and, moments later, he heard an impact on the rear windshield.

Preeda went on saying that he then stopped his car to investigate and it was then that he was attacked by the three men, one of them struck him on the head and face with a stone. He collapsed on the soi and the three assailants escaped.

The cabbie said he suspected his sounding of the car’s horn might have provoked the three assailants.

Police have checked the CCTV system at the scene of the attack and the route used by the motorcyclists to try to identify the three assailants.


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