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Environmental groups take Italian Thai Development to court for improper pruning and removing trees

Environmental groups on Monday asked the Administrative Court to order Italian Thai Development to stop pruning and removing trees along the 11 electric train routes in Greater Bangkok Metropolis unless it could produce right techniques in removing trees for replanting elsewhere.

The lawsuit against the construction firm came after several trees pruned and removed had been dead after they were not properly taken care of.

Acting on behalf of the environmental and conservation groups is human rights activist Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Stop Global Warming Association.

Srisuwan told the court that the company had applied wrong techniques in removing the trees, thus resulted in the death of so many trees which were removed for replanting elsewhere.

He cited the recent pruning of trees in front of Kasetsart University where many of them might be left standing dead.

He asked the court to order the company to stop pruning and removing trees until it could assure that it has correct techniques and proof in removing trees without harming them.

Beside the company and relevant government agencies must show exactly that these fallen trees would be replanted in new locations.

Srisuwan said trees are important and considered the lung of the capital.

He anticipated over 10,000 trees would be pruned and removed to pave the way for the construction of the 11 train routes.

He added as many cities in the world have protected green areas and big trees, it was therefore unnecessary to trade the capital’s natural lung with urbanisation that come along the rail routes.


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