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More DNA of killed panther detected in knives and chopping board used by Premchai’s hunting team

As forensic evidence collection is still going on to press more charges on Italian Thai Development president and CEO Premchai Karnasuta and three others for poaching at Thung Yai Naresaun wildlife sanctuary, forensic scientists said they have found DNA of the slaughtered panther in two chopping knives and board seized from the hunting team.

The DNA test will be used to firmly tie Mr Premchai and his team to killing the panther.

But forensic scientist Dr Kanita Ouitavon, chief of the wildlife forensic unit of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation, said the chopping knives and chopping board were among 40 pieces of evidence sent for DNA test by the police.



The finding of the DNA of the panther on two chopping knives and chopping board would be reported to the 12-member panel of the subcommittee tasked to follow up the poaching case that Premchai and three others were accused of.

Six knives were collected for DNA test.

The subcommittee was supervised by Natural Resources and Environment Minister Gen Surasak Kanchanarak.

She said forensic scientists still needed to conduct DNA test on 2-3 more pieces of evidence before a conclusion of DNA test could be made before the police would submit the case file to the prosecution for indictment of the poaching team on March 24.

Premchai returned from a two-day trip to Bangladesh yesterday on his personal jet plane after leaving the country on March 10.

He was summoned for acknowledgement of the charges on March 14.

In addition to nine charges that have been laid upon Mr Premchai, he also will face charge for having two pairs of African tusks in possession.

He and his wife who registered the tusks would face the charge for co-possession.

He registered the tusks as pet elephant tusks saying they were inherited asset but DNA test showed they are African elephant tusks.

Official who registered the two pairs as per elephant tusks, Ms Wandee Sompoom, would be summoned by police for the false registration.

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