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Assistant nurse at a private hospital in Hat Yai nabbed with drugs

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An assistant nurse at a private hospital in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district was arrested by police on charge of illicit drug trafficking after she sold 100 grammes of crystal methamphetamine, or Ice, to an undercover agent at a car park of the hospital.

A plainclothes policeman posing as a drug buyer approached the assistant nurse, identified as Ms Raveerat Sombatkaew, to buy 100 grammes of Ice from her to be delivered today (March 10) at the car park of the hospital where she was working.

However, Ms Raveerat later told the buyer she could not personally delivered the drug to him because she had to work, but he could pick them up from a basket of her motorcycle.

The undercover policeman got the drug, but waited at the hospital until Ms Raveerat finished her job and went home in her motorbike.  Then he and his fellow policemen followed her to her apartment where they identified themselves as policemen and demanded a search of her room.

The search however failed to find any additional drug, but they found 100 small plastic bags suspected to be used to contain the drug for same and one digital weighing machine.  A man, believed to be the nurse’s boyfriend, was also fund in the room.

The suspect told police during the interrogation that she ordered the drug from a man in the provincial prison and had been dealing in drugs for several months.

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