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Court orders TU to hire a candidate it rejected to become a lecturer

Court orders TU to hire a candidate it rejected to become a lecturer
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The Central Administrative Court on Thursday (March 8) revoked a resolution of Thammasat University rejecting a successful candidate to become a lecturer on ground that she used “improper wordings” in the social media.

The court ordered the university administration to hire Kathavut “Kath” Khangpaiboon, who is a transgender, to become a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Science within 60 days.

The case was brought up with the Central Administrative Court by Kathavut, who claimed that she passed the selection test for a teaching job at the Faculty of Social Science, but the university and the management refused to hire her.

According to Kathavut, the TU cited her improper conduct shown in the way she used some improper wordings in her posts on the social media which might tarnish the university’s reputation.

In considering the case, the court recognized Kathavut’s right of communication via the social media as specified in the Constitution on the condition that the exercise of such must be within the law and regulations.

The court pointed out that the TU’s decision to reject Kathavut’s application to become a lecturer did not stem from the complainant’s gender identity, but from her conduct in communication via the social media.

The court said it considered Kathavut’s four Facebook posts and two Instagram posts and found some improper wordings, but the impropriety was not up to the level to judge the person of being morally unfit to become a lecturer.

For that matter, the court revoked the university’s resolution and ordered it to hire Kathavut as a lecturer within 60 days.

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