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Women’s groups celebrate International Women’s Day

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Women’s groups staged a march from the Democracy Monument on Rajdamnoen Avenue to Thammasat University today (Thursday) to mark the International Women’s Day.

Under this year’s conceptual theme of “Women’s Security is National Security”, the women’s groups repeated their demand for the expansion of maternity leave from 90 days at present to 120 days; centres for pre-school children; at least one-thirds representation of women in committees with decision-making power; the right of equal access to state services by disabled people similar to ordinary people; and safe zone for women and children in the restive Deep South.

Regarding the maternity leave, the women’s groups noted that 90-day leave was not enough for mothers to take good care of their new-born babies and the expansion of the leave to 120 days would be in conformity with the ILO convention regarding the right for the protection of mothers.

A leader of one of the women’s groups, Ms Nilaimon Montrikanon, said that although some of the demands had been met by the government such as subsidies for small children and centres for pre-school children, women still don’t have the right to decision makings and in present problems related to women.

At the auditorium of Thammasat University, members of the women’s groups took part in holding activities, including round-table discussion, to highlight their problems and demands.




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