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Ash pouring incident resolved with police mediation

Written by Thailand News

It was a happy ending between a 64-year old man who poured ashes from joss papers on the vehicle of his 60-year neighbor next door who often parked the car in front of the former’s house.

The two elderly neighbours, 64-year Mr Prasit sae Heng and 60-year old Mr Phipob Chiarawongtrakul, were invited to Hat Yai district police station to settle their long-standing conflict over car parking with Pol Col Chatchai Bamrungkorn, the superintendent, offering as a go-between to mediate the dispute.

Initially, the mediation talk hit snag ad the two men appeared to be in a bad mood toward each other. But Pol Lt-Col Chatchai patiently talked both of them to cool down and to talk reasons.

Finally, both decided to apologize each other, with Mr Prasit saying sorry for pouring ashes on Phipob’s pickup truck whereas the latter promised not to park his truck right in front of his neighbour’s house.

Both were told to shake hands to end their dispute.

Pol Lt-Col Chatchai said the two would be fined for a taken amount as their case was insignificant and the case would be dropped.

Prasit was seen in a CCTV camera pouring ashes onto Phipob’s pickup truck’s front bonnet which was parked in front of his house. He earlier said he had lost patience with his next door’s neighbor for frequently parking his truck in front of his house and, sometimes, caused him to miss doctor’s appointments because he could not get his car out of the house.

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