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Gambling den at Don Mueang raided, 34 gamblers held

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A combined force of police and soldiers raided a gambling den in Don Mueang district of Bangkok and rounded up 34 gamblers on Sunday night.

The gambling den was located in the compound of the houses of Mr Amnuay Kiatdonmueang, an influential tycoon in the area.

A large number of gambling machines and equipment were seized when police and soldiers raided two houses in the compound with court’s warrant.

They included gambling cards, dices, slot machines, and soccer gambling cards.

Amnuay managed to escape but 34 gamblers who comprised 12 men 22 women were arrested.

They were all detained at Don Mueang police station pending charge for illegal gambling.

According to the police, the den had been raided 4-5 times in the past year but it still defied the law and resumed operations, by making access by outsiders to the den more difficult.

Secret doors were added, steel frame gates were built and deployed by men to keep watch, thus obstructing smooth access to the den.

Police said they were asking the Anti Money Laundering Office to check the money transaction of the escapee and see whether he was involved in money laundering.



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