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Many tourists flock to a temple in Ayutthaya to trace their past-life destinies

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Many fans of TV Channel 3’s popular prime-time drama series, Buppae Sanniwas, have been flocking to Wat Chaiwattanaram in Ayutthaya every weekend reportedly to trace their past-life destinies.

Officials at the temple which was featured in the highly-rated drama series said that normally about 1,000 tourists who appeared to be fans of the drama visited the temple during the weekends.

However, they said the number of visitors soared to about 3,000 on Sunday, causing traffic jam around the temple.

To promote temple visits, the temple has offered special amulets to mark the 666th anniversary of Ayutthaya empire to the first 200 visitors who dressed up in Thai traditional costumes today.

It was reported that all the 200 amulets ran out after many visitors showed up in Thai traditional costumes.




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