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Over 70 percent agree with next February as the right timing for election: Nida Poll

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More than 70 percent of the respondents to an opinion poll said next February would be the right timing for an election against 20.40 percent who disagreed, according to Nida Poll of the National Institute of Development Administration.

Nida Poll gauged the opinions of 1,250 respondents who are 18 years of age and above during March 1-3 about how confident they are with an election to be held in February next year.

The survey shows 79.6 percent of the respondents admitted that next February would be the appropriate timing for the election against 20.40 percent who said the timing was not right.

On the question of how confident they are with the February election, the poll shows 10.80 percent said they were most confident as the country would return to normalcy; 24.32 percent said they were confident as they have faith in the government’s ability to hold the election; and 23.76 percent said they had little confidence because the government appears to be not ready for the election; 15.36 percent have least confidence and 25.76 percent don’t have any confidence at all.

Regarding the factor which may cause the election to be further delayed, the poll shows the followings: 22.64 percent said most political parties are not ready yet for the February election; 21.20 percent said the economy is not good enough for an election; 21.12 percent said there is no Election Commission yet; 14.32 percent said they wanted the incumbent government to stay on; and 19.52 percent political situation is not conducive for the election.

66.16 percent said it was acceptable for them if the election is to be further delayed because they wanted to see reforms to take root and that the government is performing quite all right; 33.36 percent said it was not OK for them if the election is to be delayed as they wanted democracy to be restored and foreign investors would not have confidence to invest in the country if the military government is still in place.

79.84 percent of the respondents said they wanted the election to be held in accordance with the roadmap, hoping that the economy would pick up after the election.


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