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Dutchman nabbed with three underaged boys and sex videos in Pattaya

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A 69-year old Dutchman and a 19-year old Thai man were arrested at a hotel in Pattaya on charges of procuring underaged boys for prostitution on Sunday.

Three underaged boys were also found in the Jom Thien Longstay hotel room on Jom Thien beach which was rented by two potential customers to lure the Dutchman, identified as Joseph Marie Rienards, to bring them for sex trade.
Police also found in the possession of the suspect still pictures and videos of the boys in the act of sexual activities in the Dutchman’s rented room.

The Dutchman’s arrest on Sunday was the result of a sting operation launched by Pattaya police with the cooperation of two foreigners posing as potential customers looking for sex with young Thai boys after investigation by the police and officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security.

Police said that the two potential customers had offered 7,000 baht the Dutchman to bring them four young Thai youths, including the 19-year old man who was believed to be the suspect’s accomplice as well as a sex worker himself, to their rented room at Jom Thien Longstay hotel.

When all of them were in the rented room and money were given to the suspect, police and social workers who had been waiting near the hotel raided the room and made the arrest.
The Dutchman claimed he had a wife and children of his own and was not involved in sex trade as accused.

Police said that the suspect was already blacklisted for alleged involvement in sex with young boys but managed to slip into the country from Cambodia.

But the suspect claimed he bribed an immigration officer at an immigration checkpoint in Karb Choeng district of Surin 3,000 baht to get into Thailand and then stay in Pattaya.


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