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Lab facility to be set up for hatching of sea turtle eggs

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Park officials at Mu Ko Similan marine national park in Phang-nga has set up a lab facility for the hatching of 108 sea turtle eggs found on the beach of Ko Miang on Makha Bucha day – the first time in several years.

The national park reported that, at about 7.30 am on Thursday (March 1), park officials stationed on Ko Miang conducted a foot patrol on the beach and found tracks of a sea turtle.  They then followed the tracks to the nesting spot and started the digging where they found turtle eggs, totaling 108 overall.

The unexpected finding – the first on the island for many years – brought joy to the park officials and the finding also coincided with the Makha Bucha day which is a very auspicious religious day for Buddhists.

All the eggs were carefully removed and taken to a safe place as park officials have set up a lab facility to hatch the eggs and to tend to the baby turtles after they are hatched.

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