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Chief justice Sereno under pressure for resignation

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Chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno appears to be in the hot seat as several Supreme Court justices are calling for her resignation over her alleged violations of court rules, including her failure to submit all of her statements of assets and liabilities and for making an illegal appointment, according to The Manila Times Online on Tuesday.

Court sources said that the justices wanted to challenge Sereno and ask her to explain her actions during today’s session.

“There will be fireworks on Tuesday (Feb 27).  Sereno will be confronted by the justices because the court is being dragged into the fray, said the sources, adding that some justices would demand her to resign to save the court from further humiliation.

Sereno is facing an impeachment complaint at the House of Representatives where her colleagues, including justices Teresita Leonardo de Castro and Francis  Jardeleza had taken turns to testify against her.

Even associate justice Marvic Leonen, a perceived ally of Sereno, appears to have turned his back on Sereno.

On February, he posted on his Twitter account which, in part, read as follows:  “A good leader not only has authority, but has the respect of his/her constituents .  They follow him/her not because he/she has authority, but because she inspires them to be the best in what they do.”

Court sources said Leonen wanted to revoke the appointment of Brenden Jay Angeles-Mendoza as chief of the Philippine Mediation Centre Office of the Philippine Judicial Academy.

Mendoza’s appointment by Sereno without the authority of the en banc is one of the grounds cited in the complaint for impeachment filed by lawyer Lorenzo Gadon.

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