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Five candidates vy for the post of EC secretary-general

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Election commissioner Somchai Srisutthiyakorn and justice deputy permanent secretary Thawatchai Thaikhiew are two latest candidates applying for the post of secretary-general of the Election Commission.

Earlier, three people applied for the post. They are Mr Direkrith Jenklongtham, former secretary-general of the Administrative Court; Pol Col Charoongvit Poomma, deputy secretary-general of the EC and acting EC secretary-general; and Mr Sawaeng Boonmee, deputy secretary-general of EC.

Justice deputy permanent secretary Thawatchai Thaikhiew



Somchai told the media that he had considered applying for the post some time ago and had informed the EC chairman about his intention.

He said he wanted to be a go-between to help the new election commissioners who are yet to be appointed to ensure smooth handling of the local administration elections in August and the general election tentatively in February next year.

The incumbent election commissioner gave an assurance that he would not lobby his colleagues in the EC to vouch for him in his quest for the EC secretary-general’s post.

The required qualifications for the EC secretary-general include: political impartiality and honesty; age not more than 60 on the day of his/her formal appointment; with experience and expertise which are useful for the performance of duty of the EC; the term in office is five years and the EC secretary-general can assume the office for two consecutive terms.

Application is closed on February 28.


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