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Where is ‘Sweet Magnolias’ filmed?

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Based on a series of bestselling books by Sherryl Woods, Sweet Magnolias is the tale of three female friends and one place: the small town of Serenity in the southern USA. It’s a place where people look out for each other, where everyone goes to the same church and high school, but also where there’s quite enough trouble and strife to fuel a Netflix hit show.

Woods has been upfront about the model for Serenity, writing in the introduction for the first novel in the series that she would pass through the town of Sumter in South Carolina on the way from her home in Florida to her family’s summer cottage in Virginia. The show’s director Norman Buckley, meanwhile, says that for the transfer to television, series creator Sheryl Anderson told her crew, ‘It was important that everyone might see themselves in Serenity’ and that it be ‘not just a place, but a state of mind’. So where is this miraculous town?

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