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Woman seeks help for underaged daughter allegedly raped by her teacher

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A woman lodged a complaint with the Buriram provincial justice office on Monday seeking its help after she felt suspicious that the police in Nang Rong district might drag their feet in treating a rape case she filed against a school teacher for allegedly sexually abusing her underaged daughter.

The woman whose identity was withheld for the sake of her daughter filed a complaint with Nang Rong police on February 12, accusing a school teacher of a Prathomsueksa (primary) school in the district of having sexually abused her daughter for two years since she was 12.

The complaint led to the arrest of the accused in a resort in the district.

However, the woman said that there has not been any progress of the case, with the police keeping postponing the re-enactment of the offences while, in the meantime, some teachers in the school approached her to have the case dropped by offering to marry the victimized girl. She, nevertheless, rejected the offer.

The school has set up a panel to investigate the accused teacher who still continues to teach at the school, with the school director, Mr Komkrit Nopparat, reportedly said that any action to be taken against the teacher would wait until the probe was finished.

The woman’s complaint was accepted for consideration by an official of the provincial justice office.


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