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Thailand film industry banned from shooting fight and love scenes as coronavirus lockdown begins lifting

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Film production companies in Thailand have been given a strict set of instructions to avoid the spread of the coronavirus on set.

As the country has relaxed its lockdown measures, the Thai film industry has resumed work while complying with social distancing measures.

Under new guidance from deputy permanent secretary of culture Yupha Thawiwattanakit Bowon, love scenes, fight scenes and any acts involving close contact cannot be filmed for health and safety reasons.

Meanwhile, all members of the cast and crew must be screened on arrival, with spaces clear and well-ventilated with no more than 50 production members working on the project, all of whom must wear masks.

Special effects and camera angles can be used to help depict scenes that would usually require intimacy or contact, as actors are required to stand at least a metre apart.

This was a technique first used back in April by Australian soap Neighbours, who returned to filming with “camera trickery” used to make the actors look closer than 1.5 metres apart.

Thailand has reported only two new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours, with shopping malls reopening this week and schools returning on 1 July.

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