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Las Vegas Township Justice Court Partners With DMV on Pilot Program to Resolve Traffic Tickets

Nevada DMV
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Nevada DMV

Starting January 9th through July 7, 2017

DMV customers with unpaid traffic tickets and other court issues in the Las Vegas Township Justice
Court are now able to avoid a trip to the courthouse downtown under a new partnership between Clark
County and the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

A representative from the Las Vegas Justice Court is on duty Monday through Friday in the DMV
branch at 8250 W. Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. Motorists who need to pay fines and obtain a clearance
to reinstate their driver’s license may do so at the DMV rather than making a round trip to the Regional
Justice Center in downtown Las Vegas.

“Many people don’t realize that an unpaid traffic ticket results in an arrest warrant and driver’s license
suspension. They are caught by surprise at the DMV,” said Court Division Administrator Sherri Parris.
“Clearing the case at the DMV is not only a great convenience for the motorist, it also helps them avoid
illegal driving and a possible arrest.”
The satellite Justice Court window opened on Jan. 9, and is handling about five to ten cases a day.
The program will run through July 7, 2017 and may be expanded to other DMV offices if successful. The Las
Vegas Justice Court handles only citations issued in the unincorporated areas of the Las Vegas Valley.
Motorists with citations issued in other jurisdictions, such as the City of Las Vegas (Las Vegas Municipal
Court), Henderson or North Las Vegas must contact the appropriate court.

“The beauty of this project is that it saves everyone’s time – the DMV staff, the court staff and most
importantly, the customer,” said DMV Director Terri L. Albertson. “We are happy to offer this pilot at

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