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Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino Announces Complete Culinary Portfolio

Social: .@luckydragonlv announces complete culinary portfolio & consulting partnership with Willy Ng of acclaimed Koi Palace http://bit.ly/2aAIBbi

LAS VEGAS – As the premier authentic Asian destination in Las Vegas, Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino, announced today its culinary portfolio. San Francisco’s Willy Ng of renowned restaurants Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux has consulted for Lucky Dragon to open the resort’s five restaurant concepts. Ng’s Koi Palace is widely regarded as one of the best dim sum restaurants in the Bay Area.

“My team and I have been consulting for Lucky Dragon since the project’s early design stages to ensure the hotel’s culinary collection provides some of the most authentic and cutting-edge Asian culinary experiences in the country,” Willy Ng said. “From the quick-serve options for guests on the go, to the all-day cart service that we pride ourselves on for an authentic dim sum experience, to the indoor-outdoor tea garden, this will truly be the singular destination for Asian culinary excellence in Las Vegas.”

Lucky Dragon’s newly appointed Executive Chef Phuoc Luu and Executive Chef de Cuisine Jacky Leung are also playing an integral role in the development of the culinary portfolio and will oversee the launch and opening of all food and beverage venues on the property. Chef Luu joins the Lucky Dragon team from the Golden Nugget where he was Executive Chef and Chef Leung brings his expertise from Palazzo.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with Willy and his team to map out Lucky Dragon’s culinary programming, and his expertise will prove invaluable to the success of Lucky Dragon,” said Lucky Dragon General Manager Matt Harkness. “With the additions of Chef Luu and Chef Leung to lead our daily operations, we are in great hands to deliver the most authentic and innovative Asian culinary destination in Las Vegas.”

龙巷Dragon’s Alley

Inspired by the vibrant night markets dotting the streets throughout Taipei and landmarks such as Ghost Street in Beijing, Dragon’s Alleywill introduce Las Vegas to the best street food offerings of China, Taiwan and broader Asia. The name Dragon’s Alley was derived from a community member’s suggestion as part of a #NameOurNightMarket social campaign. This lantern-lit space will transport Lucky Dragon guests to the excitement and discovery that defines the culinary adventure of night markets throughout Asia. Dragon’s Alley will be open from breakfast through late evening and will feature a rotating menu of regional delicacies, fresh (and live) seafood, exquisite dim sum, succulent barbecue, delicious boba tea, and much more. The seating area will feature 325 seats in a dynamic environment designed to be as varied as the urban streetscapes by which they are inspired. Hutong brick, authentic street art sculptures, and much more will contribute to the sense of adventure the night market will evoke. The ever-changing menu and the dynamic design environment will provide guests with a sense of exploration and discovery.

The Jewel Kitchen of Dragon’s Alley will be the heartbeat of Lucky Dragon’s dining scene. Encapsulated by windows with 360 degrees of viewing angles, the Jewel Kitchen will be Las Vegas’ only show kitchen that extends directly onto the casino floor – marrying the gaming and culinary action. From every seat on the gaming floor, Lucky Dragon customers will see fresh dim sum being rolled and steamed, as well as the flash of woks firing freshly-made stir fry. Guests will experience the heat, steam, smells, and sights of an action-packed Chinese kitchen.

珍之味 Pearl Ocean

Lucky Dragon will set a new standard for dim sum in Las Vegas. Pearl Ocean will serve lunch and dinner daily, featuring a menu of exquisite delicacies, as well as all-day cart service that has become synonymous with the dim sum experience. A live seafood room joins the main dining room, where guests can select live exotic seafood flown in daily to be prepared in both traditional and modern culinary styles. This 240-seat restaurant will feature private dining opportunities as well as occasional live entertainment surprises. Designed to reflect the rich seafood heritage of the southern China coast, Pearl Ocean will be Las Vegas’ restaurant of choice for family or intimate dining, and serve some of the finest dim sum in North America.

鳳凰臺 Phoenix

Phoenix will boast a menu of cutting-edge culinary trends found throughout modern China. Kurobuta pork, deer tendon, abalone and countless other rare and expertly prepared delicacies will punctuate the culinary adventure and world-class service for Las Vegas’ most discerning palates. Featuring 60 seats, a private balcony and a finely curated wine list, the restaurant will be Las Vegas’ most exclusive Chinese fine dining destination.

茶轩Cha Garden

Lucky Dragon’s hotel lobby and pool area blend seamlessly into one indoor/outdoor tea garden and lounge area. Led by Las Vegas’ only tea sommelier, Cha Garden will feature an extensive list of tea sourced directly from generations-old tea farms throughout Asia. The indoor area of Cha Garden will feature a variety of bar and soft seating options to enjoy tea and yum cha (light snacks akin to Chinese tapas) in a casual or formal service atmosphere. Open 24 hours, the pool features cabanas by day that double as private tea huts at night for guests to gather in an intimate setting to chat, drink, eat, listen to music and watch international TV programming. Punctuated by a delicate waterfall, mosaic sculptures, powerful oak trees and a shoreline swimming pond, guests will enjoy the tranquility of a Feng Shui designed garden to enjoy a world-class tea experience unlike anything else available in Las Vegas. While tea will be the focus of the Cha Garden experience, the venue will also feature a full bar, beer, wine and cocktail program for guests seeking to engage in a more traditional Las Vegas nightlife experience.

包饺店Bao Now

For guests that want a reliable, fast, and delicious meal or snack 24 hours a day, Bao Now will be the answer. Located adjacent to the main gaming floor, the eatery will feature simple dim sum, soups, rice, noodles, congee, Boba tea, and other dishes meant to be consumed on the go. It will also feature a diverse offering of teas and coffees, providing a fix for Lucky Dragon customers at any hour. While seating will be available, Bao Now’s offerings are also meant to travel with guests to all areas of the resort.

Further details on the restaurants and their menus will be available in the coming months.

About Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino is Las Vegas’ first casino resort designed from the ground up to create an authentic Asian cultural and gaming experience. The resort, located at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, is scheduled to open late 2016. Features of the property include a nine-story hotel with 203 rooms, of which 23 are suites; 27,500 square feet of casino space with an emphasis on table games including Baccarat and Pai Gow as well as slots, a high limit gaming area known as the Emerald Room and a luxurious VIP gaming parlor; a pool designed to create an oasis garden escape for hotel guests; a spa with four treatment rooms including reflexology and acupuncture; an indoor-outdoor Tea Garden featuring an extensive list of tea curated by Las Vegas’ only tea sommelier; five Asian-inspired restaurant concepts; and staff and signage to accommodate guests from throughout Asia as well as English-speaking guests. For more information, visit LuckyDragonLV.com. Follow Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news and updates.

社交媒体:.@luckydragonlv今日公布酒店内全线餐厅,由著名餐厅鲤鱼門的大厨Willy Ng坐镇顾问。http://bit.ly/2aAIBbi

拉斯维加斯– 作为拉斯维加斯顶级的正宗亚洲文化酒店,威龙赌场度假村今日公布了酒店内的一系列美食餐厅。来自旧金山著名餐厅鲤鱼門和俏龍軒的大厨Willy Ng作为合作顾问,与威龙携手,共同打造这五家各具特色的餐厅。Ng大厨的鲤鱼門在旧金山湾区是公认最棒的港式早茶餐厅。链接.

Willy Ng说道:“我和我的团队在项目最初阶段就开始成为威龙的合作顾问,确保酒店的一系列餐厅会在全美范围内提供最正宗最前沿的亚洲美食体验。无论是快捷、方便外带的中餐,还是我们引以为傲的全天候推车式早茶美食,又或是雅致的半开放式茶园,每一家精心打造的餐厅都将使威龙成为拉斯维加斯最顶尖的亚洲美食文化聚集地。”

威龙赌场度假村新任命的行政总厨PhuocLuu和餐饮总厨Jacky Leung将会在酒店各家美食餐厅的发展上起到至关重要的作用,并会亲自监督酒店所有餐饮场馆的开幕运营。Luu总厨原先在Golden Nugget赌场酒店任行政总厨一职,Leung总厨则来自Palazzo赌场酒店。

威龙赌场度假村总经理Matt Harkness说道:“能在规划酒店餐饮这部分与Willy和他的团队有紧密联系是我们的荣幸,他的专业知识对威龙的成功有着不可比拟的价值。如今再有Luu总厨和Leung总厨带领餐饮团队,我们如虎添翼,更有信心把最正宗最有特色的亚洲美食文化带给拉斯维加斯的广大食客。”

龙巷Dragon’s Alley



珍之味 Pearl Ocean


鳳凰臺 Phoenix


茶轩Cha Garden


包饺店 Bao Now




威龙赌场度假村是拉斯维加斯第一家精心设计,拥有最正宗的亚洲博彩文化的赌场度假村。度假村将于2016年第四季度于拉斯维加斯大道北端盛大开幕。装修豪华的酒店将拥有9层楼,共180间客房和24间套房;度假村还拥有超过2500平米的赌场,内设有百家乐,牌九等受亚洲人喜爱的赌桌游戏以及各式老虎机;还更有为高额玩家专设的翡翠阁和私密VIP赌厅。酒店内还设有供住客放松的绿洲花园泳池;拥有4个理疗间,提供反射疗法和针灸的SPA;由拉斯维加斯唯一的茶艺大师开设并拥有百余种茶品的茶室。酒店更有5家由经验丰富的大厨掌勺的餐厅,为亚洲住客准备了正宗丰盛的亚洲美食。我们酒店的员工用语和标识也将以中文为主,为来自各方,尤其是亚洲的客人提供舒适便捷的环境。更多信息请访问LuckyDragonLV.com. 也请在我们的Facebook, Twitter和Instagram主页关注我们的最新信息!

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