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Eight tourists rescued from rough seas off Phuket

Eight tourists rescued from rough seas off Phuket
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Eight foreign tourists were saved from possible drowning in rough seas off Phuket yesterday, after they had defied warning signs on the beaches.

In the first incident, two Indian couples ignored the red flag flying on Karon Beach and entered the rough sea.

Witnesses said they were unable to swim back to the shore due to the wind and waves and started calling for help. Life guards posted on the beach sent a speed boat out to pluck them from the water and return them safely to the shore.

The four appeared exhausted and were given first-aid by the life guards, before being taken to Chalong district hospital.

In another incident, at about 3pm on the Pa Tong Beach, four Russians went swimming in the rough seas, ignoring signs warning people not to swim in the sea at this time of the year.

Again, the four tried to swim back to shore, but were swept further out by the strong currents. They shouted for help and life guards rushed to their rescue. They were also picked up by a speed boat and returned safely to shore.

Red “Don’t Swim” flags are flying on most beaches on Phuket, due to the rough seas and strong winds.

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