Top 20 Islands In Thailand You Need To Visit In 2020

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A visit to Thailand’s top islands can be the highlight of your trip to the Kingdom of Smiles. It is the perfect way to unwind and relax on the stunning beaches with a soothing climate. Thailand island with more than 100 islands and every island has something to take away from. Every island has its own charm and choosing one can be subjective. We have curated a list of islands for you so that you can choose one for your visit to Thailand.

1. Koh Lanta:

Closely situated to Krabi, Koh Lanta has its 9 beaches of its own. Being just 2 hours away from Krabi Airport, you can reach here by a combination of a speed boat and a minivan. It is a perfect example of convenience and seclusion.

2. Similan Islands:

Not highly commercialised, the Similan Islands in the south are beautiful, clean and peaceful. You would be surprised to know that these islands are declared and protected as a national marine park and thus can be visited only between October – May. Ban on hotels and commercial fishing he slept its marine life pristine. These islands are one of a kind and a must-visit.

3. Koh Samet:

The right island for the weekends is the Koh Samet. With plenty of beaches and budget friendly accomodations, it is closely located to Bangkok city (Its in Rayong, 4 hrs from Bangkok). Known of the shacks and events that take place here it can be the right spot for one who’s touring Bangkok.

4. Koh Phangan:

The island of contradictions is the Koh Phangan island. The reason why it is called this is because it’s home to one of the best events of Thailand and yet has one of the most secluded pristine spots to hang around at. 

5. Koh Tao:

Beaches where you can have lazy days and friendly ambience are found at the Koh Tao islands. ‘Koh Tao’ means turtle islands. The reason this place is named in such a way is because it is one of best places in the world to learn scuba diving. The marine life and aquatic creatures here are exorbitant.


For an all-around vacation destination, Phuket should be your choice. Picturesque beaches and with high connectivity in transportation, it becomes convenient for a family vacation.  With loads of activities and luxury stays, Phuket has its own charm and is loved by travellers.


7.Koh Chang:

Can be a challenge to reach, but it is totally worth it. Rugged mountainous terrain may not be liked by all and that’s the reason that this island is not very popular. Taking it positively this has helped the island retain its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. 

8.Koh Phi Phi:

The essence of exotic beauty is found here at the Koh Phi Phi islands. The relaxed vibe of this island is enough to get you refreshed and set you in a vacation mood. The island comes with serenity along with all the required tourist facilities.

9.Koh Lipe:

Belonging on the outskirts of Tarutao National Park, this island is famous for its tropical adversity. Another thing famous here is the seafood which is freshly obtained from the crystal clear waters that surround the island. So if you are a nature lover and fond of seafood, Koh Lipe is the island for you.


Koh Samui is an island with a combination of stunning beaches and large shopping malls. Convenience at its best, Koh Samui has serene beaches, romantic restaurants, beach bars and some incredible 5-star hotels.

11. Ko Kradan:

One of the most beautiful islands of Trang is Ko Kradan. Unlike any other island, this island doesn’t have roads or a proper village. It’s just a resort after resort and beach after beach here. You will find immense greenery too as you find the Hat Chao National Park at the heart of this island.


12. Ko Phayam:

Being the second-largest island of the Andaman Sea, Thailand, this island remains highly undiscovered. It is absolute bliss with a limited car and cellphone access; it is a true getaway in every sense. The community here is friendly and will welcome you with open arms.


13. Ang Thong Islands:

A group of isles characterised by limestone cliffs, coral reefs and white sand beaches form the Ang Thong Islands. This island is also home to numerous beautiful waterfalls. Its beauty has fallen under the national park category and there are protected waters which can be visited only in a certain frame of time.

14. Ko Jum:

A jungle-clad island forested by the Ko Pu peak also known as Ko Pu which means crab island. Everything that one would need to relax is found on this island. Reading a book on an empty beach or having some coastal food at the shack, you can have the most relaxed days on this island.

15. Surin Islands:

Visiting these islands is stepping back in time. White sand beaches with transparent waters with a distinct lack of commercial tourists adds up to the beauty of beach life here. Yet another declared a national park because of its iconic beauty is a must-visit for beach lovers and it has a variety of beaches in the same islands.

16. Ko Kut:

This island is also known as Ko Kood which is filled with coco palm beaches, remote jungles and cascading waterfalls. It is famous for beach bungalow properties and luxury beach resorts. A number of activities are available here too. Sea kayaking, snorkelling, waterfall hikes are just a few to name.

17. Koh Mak:

Included in the Sunday Times’ 10 most undiscovered islands, the Ko Mak is one of Thailand’s best secrets kept. Scenic sunsets, Museums, Art Houses are great places on this island filled with activities. Mountain biking and sea kayaking are also loved by visitors here.

18. Ko Yao:

These are twin islands tucked within the beautiful waters of Phang Nga Bay. Limestone rocks and mangrove forests and authentic local wooden made houses are what is found the most over here.

19. Ko Muk:

A quiet peaceful island of which half is a national park and the other half is a village is just 45 minutes from Trang. A mountain person or a beach person on this island has it. Dramatic cliffs, tall mountains and sandy beaches are found here. The Sivalai beach is the most scenic beach over here, known for its popular sunsets.

20. Ko Tarutao:

The wild and wonderful island of Ko Tarutao boats of jungles, mangroves, remote beaches, cliffs which are perfect to be explored by foot or mountain bikes. Also, famous for historical monuments, buildings, the islands are also known for hiking and sea kayaking. Being a national marine property, this island is only accessible from October to April for tourists.

These beautiful islands are indeed a highlight of your vacation in Thailand. Be a city person, mountain person or a beach person, we have covered it all for you in this article. All you have to do is select your type and pack your bags to your favourite island.

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