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Viral video: 5th grader feeding toddler while studying in class

Viral video: 5th grader feeding toddler while studying in class
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A video clip of a 5th grader who takes her big sister role very seriously has gone viral in Thailand.

The 20-second clip shows a student, nicknamed “Green”, in class writing in her exercise book with her right hand, while cradling her 1-year-old sister in her left arm.

The little sister looks calm and seems to be enjoying the classroom experience as she drinks from a milk bottle, looking up to her big sister.

The clip by a TikTok user ‘yingggzz’ has over 1.5 million views. 

Yingggzz, a teacher from Ban Klong Kaem Cham School in Prachin Buri, wrote in the description that, ‘she is the biggest sister of the family. Her mom is busy running errands. This is better than having to miss school to look after your sister, right?’

She also adds that, ‘I’m not sure how other teachers would feel, but I always tell my students not to miss class… and she is really doing it. Good thing her sister is not naughty.’

Words of support and encouragement are pouring in from netizens, some say that ‘she is very tough, writing with one hand and holding her sister in the other.’ 

Others compliment the teacher for showing empathy by allowing Green’s little sister to join the class too. 

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