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Electronic waste dumped in Chachoengsao sparks alert

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Several large bags, containing electronic waste and sulphur, have been dumped on empty land in Sanam Chai Khet district of Chachoengsao province, raising concerns that toxic chemicals may leak into a canal, which is the water source for many villages.

Provincial industrial works officials have already been to the dump site, located on about 1.6 hectares of Sor Por Kor (land reform) land, to take samples from the bags and the canal for lab tests, the results of which are expected within 30 days.

Villagers living in the neighbourhood of the dump site have complained that the water near the waste has turned black and is malodourous. They have expressed concern that, after several days of rain, the polluted water at the dump site may leak into the canal, just four metres away.

Sonthi Kotchawat, a specialist in environmental and health affairs, has urged authorities to take the bags of waste for proper disposal and to find ways to prevent the polluted water from seeping into the waterway.

Sapthavee Kulsaree, the mayor of Tha Kradan Tambon Administrative Organisation, said that the dump site is sandy, making it easier for the polluted water to leak into the canal. He also said, though, that it is beyond his authority to deal with the problem.

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