Where sounds meet sunsets: celebrating 30 years of Cafe Mambo

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Boy George

Boy George

I find this dichotomy of ‘old school’ mentalities in a place heralded at the forefront of the music scene really striking on my visit. There is, it seems to me, a bit of a push-pull between the old, sleepy, bohemian Ibiza and the raging party scene on the island. If anyone can speak to how Ibiza has changed over the years though, it would be Judge Jules, who went from DJing at various venues around the island to establishing his own hugely successful night, ‘Judgement Sundays’ at Eden from as early as 1999. “The clubs often get written about and immortalised with things like ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large,’ but in reality, there’s an all-embracing ecosystem existing around electronic music here.” He goes on reflectively, “People can be negative about the whole VIP table service culture, but my view is that side just exists as a sort of parallel to the essence of what Ibiza is about. It hasn’t tainted it.” And it seems Judge Jules isn’t alone in this sentiment, “There’s still that nostalgia for the ’90s, but I really feel now more than ever it’s an Ibiza for everyone,” Christian says. And maybe that’s exactly what makes Ibiza such a unique and longstanding destination, there’s truly something for everyone here – from luxurious lunches on the beach at Gracioneta to dancing on the boardwalk at Cafe Mambo as the sun slips below the horizon.

Carl Cox

Carl Cox

So, in a constantly changing landscape of music, DJ and bar culture, what’s next for Cafe Mambo as she peeps over the 30-year mark? It may be impossible to say, but rest assured she’ll be in safe hands with multiple generations of music lovers at the helm, historic names behind the decks and arguably the best sunset in town.

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