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BMA suspends work on electrical ducts until all manholes are covered

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The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has ordered the suspension of construction work on electrical ducts at the mouth of Lat Phrao Soi 49, until the Metropolitan Electricity Administration (MEA) has properly covered the manholes along the central reservation.

A man accidentally fell to his death in a 15-metre-deep electrical duct, through a manhole, when he stepped on the substandard plywood covering of the hole.

BMA Spokesman Ekwaranyu Umrapal said that many electrical duct access manholes on the central reservation, from Lat Phrao to Samrong, are not properly covered after the original iron covers were stolen, adding that the problem must be fixed within three days.

If the problem is not fixed within the deadline, he warned that the BMA may not grant permission to the MEA to carry out similar construction work in the city in the future.

To solve the problem temporarily, the MEA has covered the manholes with concrete lids, as it urged the contractor to speed up its work.

The MEA has also sought cooperation from metropolitan police in tracking down those who stole the iron manholes covers, presumably to sell to scrap metal dealers, as it warned that the thieves will be dealt with decisively and in accordance with the law.


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